Data Management Policy

1. Introduction

VOCOLY has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures, such as data encryption, which are designed to implement data-protection principles, in an effective manner and to integrate the necessary safeguards in order to meet the requirements of our policies and to protect the rights of Personal Data owners.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a policy on Personal Data Management at Vocoly.

2. Personal Data Management

The five components of Personal Data management are; Collection, Processing, Store & Access, Change Management and Dispose.

I. Collection

Personal Data is collected only when its uses and value exist. Collection of accurate and complete data is expected.

II. Processing

Vocoly collects and uses personal data about its users in order to operate effectively. Personal data held by the Vocoly is collected and managed in a responsible, secure manner, in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

III. Storage and Access

All the Personal Data of Vocoly users is saved on secure cloud servers. Appropriate security measures are put in place for access to this data.

IV. Change Management

Changes to Personal Data at Vocoly can only be done by the data owners. Appropriate process, tools and checks are put in-place to ensure only Personal Data Owners cam change their data. To make any changes to Personal data, users can edit their profile. Alternatively they can also contact support for any changes which can’t be managed by profile edits.

V. Dispose

Personal data belongs to users and stays with Vocoly for processing only till the time user’s account stays on Vocoly. In case if a user wish to withdraw from Vocoly, they can intimate so by contacting support. The profile shall be disabled and Personal Data will not be used for further processing.

Note: Due to technical constraints the Personal data on instances of back-up on storage servers can’t be altered.

Like all other policies this Policy is also subject to changes over time. The changes might get triggered due to business, corporate, legal or social changes. Upon any changes elicited Vocoly shall make necessary changes to the Policy or Policies and share with our customers.

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