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There is no limit on how long you can store a video with Vocoly.

Ethical Guidelines

Here are the ethical guidelines that we recommend. is a service meant to bring joy to other people as well as to yourself. Therefor we urge our users to create messages that have a positive impact on the recipient. We will remove content that is clearly in breach with our ethical and legal regulations.

Material that is sexually provocative is not accepted. We do not accept pornography or content are in any other way clearly inappropriate. Some nudity can be accepted if it is in a normal context. Videos can still cross the line even though is doesn’t contain nudity. This can be if there are persons in the video that is clearly under age in a situation that is inappropriate. If there is any doubt regarding the content we have the right to remove the video and close the account.

If you stumble upon material that is offensive or you believe is in violation to this policy, please let us know by email

Apart from this we recommend you to avoid to upload and share material that in any way hurtful to others. This could be for instance:

• Hate speeches, intended to insult or hurt the recipient.
• Messages that promote violence towards other people, races or religions.
• Threats, towards an individual or groups of people.
• Reveal secrets that were entrusted to you.
• Fake or false content.
• Vulgar language.

Remember – your words do matter. Make sure that you are remembered the right way.

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